home rooms

Hosts & Homerooms

  • Each group will have student hosts which the directors will meet with upon arrival at TBHS. Your host is there to take you to your homeroom, guide you through the building, monitor the room, pass on updates, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Homerooms will be monitored by TBHS faculty and staff workers. Rooms will be LOCKED when not in use. Only students accompanied by an adult will be allowed to enter the homeroom during times when the group is not using their homeroom for performance preparation.
  • TBHS assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • Please treat your homeroom with care. Damage to any school property will result in disqualification for the school. Our homerooms are classrooms that teachers will use on the following Monday.
  • There will be a Directors Lounge available for directors, bus drivers, etc. throughout the day with food and drinks available. No students are permitted.
  • There will be a Stage Manager as well as a Warm-Up Room Monitor to assure smooth transition from warm-up through performance.
  • Please encourage your students to support ALL of their fellow competitors by watching their performances in the gym. Cheer loud!

Homeroom Assignments

...Coming soon.

Holding and Warm Up rooms

  • The Holding Room will be downstairs in the TBHS Choir room (Rm 100 - Down the stairs, then left to the end of the hall, then first door on the right. There are mirrors in this room for last minute hair and make-up touch ups if necessary.
  • The Warm-Up Room is located next to the choir room in the TBHS Band Room. Down the hall further on the right. Music stands and a piano will be provided.
  • The Solo Competition is in the Library on the upper floor. The solo competition warm-up room is located in room 316
  • The Directors Lounge for both directors and bus drivers which will be open all during the competition located in room 207